About our company

The company with the registered office in the north of Slovakia, in the district of Čadca, has been operating on the domestic market since 1997. It operates its activities all over Slovakia and also fulfils orders in the Czech Republic. Specific activities, quality machines fleet and our capability to adjust to demanding climate and field conditions are mainly used by power companies.

We focus especially on meeting of deadlines, work quality, safety at work and ecology standards.

We hold the following certificates:

Quality management system STN EN ISO 9001,
Environmental management STN EN ISO 14001,
OHSAS management 18001.

Company History

Our company was established in 1997. Since its establishment the company has been offering services in the area of power engineering, civil engineering and transport. We operate all over Slovakia and also in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment the company has undergone a dynamic development. It has established a team of quality and qualified workers working with the state-of-the-art working and technical means.

With our work we try to fulfil orders in required quality and within the agreed deadlines. Because our priorities include customer satisfaction, environmental behaviour improvement and occupational health and safety we have implemented and maintained a certified system of integrated management according to the standards STN EN ISO 9001, STN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Our work quality has improved by acquiring the certificate of quality for welding according to EN ISO 3834 – 2.

Many successfully performed orders and customer satisfaction drive us to go forward and commit us not to stop in our work so that our competitiveness is always of high level.

Our Activities

Since its establishment our company has been focusing on work in power engineering. At present, we focus mainly on the following activities:

Work at height with the use of climbing equipment

pillars painting, electrical installation and welding work on mid and high voltage pillars

earthwork and digging

Construction, stabilization and repairs of mid and high voltage pillars

carriage and unloading of materials with the help of a hydraulic arm

Services in area of forestry and logging

cutting the scrub and self-seeding trees within mid and high-voltage and gas line protection zones including extensions

carriage of gravel, sand and stones

Milling of bushes and tree stumps, mowing pastures and meadows

carriage of concrete and work with concrete pump

transport by vehicles and work with building machines

transport of machines by a cargo semitrailer


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  • ENZA, s.r.o., Májová 1098, 022 01 Čadca,
    Slovenská republika
  • +421-41-433 3598
  • +421-41-433 5013
  • enzasro@enzasro.sk

Vehicle Transport Operation

  • Slovenského národného povstania 1523,
    023 02 Krásno nad Kysucou
  • +421-41-438 6133
  • kucak@enzasro.sk

Pneuservis: BT-PNEU s.r.o. – Blahuta Peter

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